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Book 07
Dua Sayap Ilmu

ISBN: 9789670040455

When we read, we are talking with previous generation, when we write, we are talking with future generation. For knowledge and ideas to spread in society it needs two components. First, the writer need to read previous writing to formulate an idea. Second, the writer must write down his idea. These are the twin wings of knowledge (dua saya ilmu). This book is a collection of essays on these two wings.

Language: Malay

Book 06
Lalang di Lautan Ideologi

ISBN: 9789671611043

The history of struggle in the world cannot be separated from the idea of freedom. Just like what Hegel once said, that the history of the world is the progress of the consciousness of freedom. Through out ocean of histories, many ideas of freedom has come to light, some viciously in conflict with each other. Idea that been hold until the very end by someone is called an ideology, and every ideology come to free humanity from something. What about today? Do we need a new ideology? Should we work on past ideologies with our new reality? Or, are we already reached a point of post-ideology? Where we should learn from various ideologies, not to become an ideologue, but to find the truth. A truth that is beyond one ideology, we should follow the truth where ever it leads. This book is a collection of essays on politics, philosophy, and ideology that tries to address all these questions.

Language: Malay

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Book 05
Catatan Ijtima' Am MATRI: Dari Tahun 2003 Hingga 2007

ISBN: 9789671958902

Ijtima' Am is a word borrowed from Arabic. Literally it means general assembly. But in the context of this writing, Ijtima' Am is a weekly lecture held at prayer hall of Ma'had Attarbiyah Al-Islamiyah (MATRI), Kampung Tunjong, Perlis. This lecture is compulsory for student and were also attended by locals in Perlis. The lectures revolved on the questions on how to understand Islam, the obligations of Muslim, and how to live Islam in the daily life. The writings were compilation of author's personal notes during his study at MATRI from 2003 to 2007. It was recorded for historical purpose for MATRI, and also for the historical record of Kampung Tunjong, Perlis.  

Language: Malay

Cover Design GTHL.jpg
Book 04
Gunung Tahan Hiking Log

ISBN: 9789672496205


Gunung Tahan Hiking Log is a must-read for hiker who wanted to join the expedition to her peak, especially for the first-timer. This log gave important guide in term of preparation, equipment, and also essential items needed for the expedition including foods, cooking utensil, sleeping equipment, medicines, along with other item for survival. This writing also recorded the track in detail including river to be crossed, the inclination and various type of terrain difficulties. Finally the writing also recorded author's personal experience in the 4 days 3 nights expedition in 2014.  

Language: Malay

Book 03
Life Full of Reading: A Collections of Book Reviews

ISBN: 9789671631324


A quite afternoon, a cozy chair, a warm cup of coffee, and a good book—these are the perfect description of moments that should be cherished in this short life. Carl Sagan once said that reading is magical, that it enables humans from different epoch to talk to each other; it is more than that. Reading is a gateway to imagination, a world without limit, a safe space to escape from enduring reality. Sometimes it is a space where you socialize without having to meet people. This book is a compilation of book reviews written over the years. The book was broken into two parts: the first part is the long reviews, the second part is the short reviews, which covered wide range of genre from economics, self-help, novels, comic book to political philosophy and parenting.

Language: English

Book 02
Maka Kitab Itu Pun Menyanyi

ISBN: 9789671631317

This book is a Modern Malay poem anthology written by three authors. Mel Van Dyk, the first author wrote about love, God, loneliness, life, and also advice of parent to a child. The second author, Syed Ahmad Fathi wrote poems about fighting corruption, national struggle, loyalty towards an idea, advices, feelings, family theme, and also poems about thought. The last author, Tulip Ungu focus mainly on poems about depression, to spread awareness in society and help people struggling with depression. Tulip also wrote about God, memories and friendship. 

Language: Malay

Book 01
Berfikir Tentang Pemikiran

ISBN: 9789671631300


This book initially written to compile personal experience and knowledge that the author gained in his involvement with dakwah and tarbiyah activities in Islamic organization in Malaysia. The book was written in the span of 5 years, over time the author also includes his thought from his readings and also current issues. Among the issues discussed in the book includes problems in Islamic organization, national and international politics, media, social critics, critics on economic policies, and education. The focus of the book is to encourage readers to think more broadly and evaluate back their thought about the world that is full with diverse culture.

Language: Malay

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