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Dua Sayap Ilmu.jpg
Project | 01
Dua Sapa Ilmu: Esei-esei perihal menulis dan membaca

Progress: 262 pages

Expected publication: End of 2021

This project is a compilation of essays focusing on two subjects that were responsible for the propagation of knowledge: reading and writing.

Project | 02
Demokrasisma: Masalah-Masalah Dalam Sistem Demokrasi

Progress: 89 pages

Expected publication: 2023

Democracy today is held to be the highest ideal. But history has recorded that it has defects and has been criticized from Socrates to John Adams. In this semi-academic book, I tried to bring forward the flaws of democracy. 

Project | 03
Ahansen Fabrea Budak Gombak: Sebuah Novel

Progress: 15 pages

Expected Publication: 2025

This is a novel about the life, trial, and tribulations of a boy named Ahansen.

Project | 04
Moi Dnevnik Ve Sankt Peterburge

Progress: Not yet started

Expected Publication: 2024

My old diary which recall my days in the sleepy and snowy city of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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